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Welcome to John Walton Engraving

John Walton Engraving has been serving industry since 1979 and is currently the leading online supplier of Traffolyte products. We produce high quality engraved Traffolyte labels, panels and signage and have a policy of investing in the latest technology to improve quality, efficiency and output whilst operating to the highest standards. This is consistent with our aim of ‘precision with speed’.

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What is Traffolyte?

Traffolyte is a generic name for pnenolic engraving laminate. The material is made up of three layers, the outer layers being engraved to expose the contrasting core. It is available in two thicknesses – 1.6mm or 3.2mm.

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Our Clients

Over the years we have provided Traffolyte labels and industrial engraving services for some leading companies and brands, both in the UK, across Europe and worldwide. Here are a selection of some of the clients that we are proud to work with:

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